BR Documentary: »Gut zu wissen – Die Methanjäger«

(Good to know – The methane hunters)

Contribution of Matthias Hackel in the BR documentary (in German)

Broadcast: “Gut zu wissen”, BR TV channel, 19.03.2022, 7 PM, 29 min, Link available until 17.03.2027

Klaus Wallmann in »heute journal up:date«

On 18.01.2021 Klaus Wallmann (coordinator GEOSTOR) contributed to a broadcast on “Norway’s Energy Policy” in the German ZDF news programme “heute journal up:date” (minutes 3:22-7:05) about CO2 storage below the seafloor (minutes 6:02-6:50). (in German)

Broadcast: “heute journal up:date” starting at 0:22 am, link available until 18.01.2023

Podcast: »Do we soon need final storage facilities for CO2?«

Klaus Wallmann in the podcast series DER SPIEGEL “Climate Report” (in German)

Broadcast: 26.10.2021, 12.33 p.m.; * CCS = CO2 Capture and Storage