The GEOSTOR project is one of the collaborative projects in the DAM mission CDRmare. GEOSTOR, in collaboration with the other consortia, is investigating whether and to what extent anthropogenic CO2 can be stored under the seafloor in the German Northsea. It also considers the impacts on the marine environment and the Earth system, as well as appropriate approaches for monitoring, attributing, and accounting for marine carbon storage in a changing environment.

The GEOSTOR project involves eight partners from academia, government and industry. It is led by GEOMAR (Prof. Dr. Klaus Wallmann as coordinator and Kristin Hamann as project manager). In the GEOSTOR project, scientific, legal and engineering issues are investigated.  In order to realize the interdisciplinary work, the project coordination is supported by the steering committee. This committee consists of one representative from each partner organization. In addition, there is an annual project meeting where the partners present and discuss their research results.

Project duration: August 2021 to July 2024. Budget: approx. 5.3 million € BMBF funding as well as additional internal funds of the project partners.